S.No Issue Date Vol - Issue Title Abstract Author Page No
1 July 2016 Vol.3, No.3 A Study on Factors Influencing the Level of Satisfaction of Public Distribution System Abstract P.ARCHANAA, Dr.A.L.KAMALAVALLI 163-166
2 July 2016 Vol.3, No.3 Growth of Health Insurance in India Abstract Ms. M. KANAGAMANI, Dr. M. CHITHIRAI SELVAN 167-174
3 July 2016 Vol.3, No.3 Brand Preference for the Laptop Abstract Dr. P.BRUNTHA, D.SARANYA 175-184
4 July 2016 Vol.3, No.3 A Study on Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) Abstract K.VEERAKUMAR 185-188
5 July 2016 Vol.3, No.3 A Study on Contemporary Challenges Faced by HRM and Global Business Strategy Abstract Dr. NIRRMALA SATHISH, Dr. P. KRISHNATHULASIMANI 189-193
6 July 2016 Vol.3, No.3 Effect of After School Programmes on the Academic Performance of High School Students Abstract Dr.L.RANJIT 194-197