About Us


NGMC Research Division aims at the creation, dissemination and re-invention of knowledge, emphasised by the quintessence of extraordinary and innovative research works. Our multi-dimensional mission is to promote awareness and compatibility with the dynamics of study area among scientists, professors and research scholars. “Kalaa Sakthi” and “Vigyan Sakthi” are quarterly open access, peer reviewed and fully refereed free international journal. We broadly cover research work on next generation cutting edge technologies and effective marketing strategies.

Writing a research paper is a skill and we have the team of scientists and academicians who are dedicated to help learn and improve the skill for research scholars. In depth evaluation of each research paper is a prime focus of every member of our International Journals (Kalaa Sakthi and Vigyan Sakthi) Reviewer Panel that ensures the novelty in each research manuscript being published.

NGMC Research Division reflects the ever-changing faces as well as the cerebral aspect of science and its application. It not only encompasses all the ideas of primary field of social science, science and technology, but also equally concentrates on every miniscule detailing of the newest modification and innovation of sub-genres of science and technology.

With a Panoramic spectacle of research components, our International Journals ("Kalaa Sakthi" and "Vigyan Sakthi") pronounces a strong note of consistency, stringency and a specialised inclination towards the subjects concerned.